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Like all gender-affirming hormone treatment, microdosing involves taking sex hormones regularly to change sex characteristics such as fat distribution, muscle mass, and breast development or clitoris growth. Microdosing with testosterone. "i am 33, female. want clitoris enlargement via testosterone cream or gel. plz suggest me the dose." Answered by a verified doctor: NO!: Please don't try and increase the size of your clitoris - it woul.

In acquired clitoromegaly, the main cause is endocrine hormonal imbalance affecting the adult woman, including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and hyperthecosis. Acquired clitoromegaly may also be caused by pathologies affecting the ovaries and other endocrine glands. Learn how to balance hormones naturally with bio-identical hormone treatments. Improve skin, reduce belly fat, fix insomnia, and improve sex drive. Watch my interview with Angie Nichols, RN for balancing hormones using bio-identical hormones and start feeling beautiful again. Life is hard enough.

Clitoris which is a homologue to penis varies in size and appearance. Clitoromegaly is a rare condition in which girls have extra large clitoris. Normally, this condition occurs during the development of baby inside the womb. It is said that masculinization increases the production of hormones in the body of a pregnant women. Female hormones (estrogens) and male hormones (androgens) are normally present in the body. Testosterone is one example of an androgen. An excess of any androgen can cause the clitoris to .

The clitoris is a female sexual organ that is located at the top of the vulva. It has two parts: an external, visible part, called the glans, and an internal part, called the shaft. Orgasm also releases oxytocin which in turn lowers cortisol, the main stress hormone chronically elevated in many women in the workforce (including me). Oxytocin is triggered by orgasm and in addition to lowering cortisol, it’s just good stuff all on its own. Higher levels of oxytocin makes us happy.