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condom broke and not pregnant - pregnant broke amateur

Mar 16,  · Similar Questions - Am I pregnant, can I get pregnant if a condom breaks, how effective are condoms, Condom, condom broke, unprotected sex, am i pregnant, how effective are condoms: 8, Detailed Question: Hi Doctor, I have a problem and I am really tensed about it. I had sex with my boyfriend at my place last night and I am scared that I. Nov 14,  · When properly used, a condom is 98% safe. However, many people don’t use it correctly or even reuse condoms over and over again making the effectiveness of a condom as low as 80%. One common mistake is that someone left no space for the semen insi.

Jan 05,  · Condom broke, can I still get pregnant? Asked 5 Jan by Rwn Updated 6 January Topics birth control, pregnancy, sex, condom. Hi, so on January 1st I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke, we're not sure at what point it did. We always use a condom and I've been on birth control for the last 6 months, I take it everyday and I. Mar 25,  · So I had sex with my boyfriend March 14th and the condom broke and although he pulled out it might have gotten on the outside of me so to be safe I cleaned myself inside and out with toilet paper. You would never have any symptoms of pregnancy yet. You had your period, that says not pregnant, but to be sure you took plan b, that says.

Apr 11,  · Emergency contraception can have side effects and may or may not prevent pregnancy, so don’t rely on this type of birth control as regular after-the . Mar 15,  · Is the condom still on? If it isn’t, you may need to pull it out of you or your partner’s body. Could I get pregnant? If so, you may need to get emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy.

Im 16 years old and I recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend. We were having sex about 2 weeks ago, and the condom broke. But he pulled out as soon as it happened. I have been freaking out ever since, I am not on the pill and I didn't get the morning after pill. My expected period should be on June 7th.. I asked my boyfriend if we could go get a pregnancy test on The 2nd. Apr 21,  · in this situation when condom breaks, the most chances for pregnancy are in the possibility that there is some sperm in the precum. But since there was a condom, even if there was precum, the amount that seeped was probably to small for any major risk.