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In this new OnSalus health video, "JELLY LIKE SPERM - What does healthy sperm look like?" we’ll be explaining the possible causes behing thick jelly-like wh. Always had nice white and thick semen thick semen post hydrocele - semen now thick and lumpy with less fluid Clumpy Semen, Soft Erection. Sperm not too thick as it was before? Sperm, yellow and thick Yellow Semen and parts of it looked and felt like a gel My semen is clear and really thick, is that ok? thick semen, can it be cured in natural way?

"i have had very thick white jelly like mucus in my nose for the past few weeks. what could this be?" Answered by Dr. Robert Uyeda: Sinusitis: allergy, rhinitis, or plain viral illness are possibilities. Infrequent ejaculation is a possible cause of thick semen. It can be difficult for a person to tell whether their semen is unusually thick. Healthy semen begins thickening and hardening just after.

As for thick semen, this is often just a normal concurrence, as semen can vary in consistency. When it is a sign of an abnormality, however, dehydration, infections, and hormone imbalances are often the culprits. For example, if a man has lower-than-normal levels of testosterone, his semen may appear thicker than normal. Cervicitis literally means inflammation of the cervix, which is the part of the uterus that opens into the vagina. Many women with cervicitis do not experience symptoms, but those who do experience jelly-like vaginal discharge with unpleasant color or odor, painful urination, increase in urinary frequency and spotting between periods.

Thick discharge. A thick jelly like discharge could signal the end of pregnancy. Usually a plug forms at the cervical opening during the first weeks of pregnancy. The mucus plug acts as a protective barrier that hinders entry of micro-organisms into the uterus. Labor can begin anytime from 36 weeks. However, shortly before labor begins, the. Hello Guys Have Noticed A lot Of Men Asking The Same Question. 1st Of All Please Do Not Panic. You Seem To Be Suffering From Selactation, When A Man Hasn't Had A Wank/Play For A While You Semen Will Clogg Up And Form A Light Yellow Jelly. So Basically Its Because You Have Stopped Or Are Not Ejaculating As Much As You Used To:P.