Mature Lady playing with her Wet Pussy and erect Clitoris - cut clitoris


cut clitoris - Mature Lady playing with her Wet Pussy and erect Clitoris

‘When I had cut the top of the clitoris I packed it into a piece of paper and gave it to the parents so that they could take it home with them. ‘They take the clitoris home and put it in a. Jul 01,  · The clitoris can vary in size (it can be about as small as a pea or as big as a thumb), but only the tip of it comes outside the body where you can see it. When you’re aroused (turned on), your clitoris becomes stiff and swollen — just like a penis. If you’re having trouble finding it, things like looking at and touching your own vulva.

Mar 02,  · F.A. Cole says she had her labia and clitoris amputated during a ritual female genital mutilation when she was 11 years old. Apr 11,  · A woman with a clitoris has more pleasure than a woman without a clitoris. The pleasure depends on the quantity which was cut from the clitoris.

Sep 05,  · “It’s an extremely rare medical condition where the clitoris withdraws into he body or the hood fuses and covers the clitoris head and shaft,” says Allison. The first cut went really well and I didn't feel a thing. I felt great and was thinking that this was going to go really well, when he made the next cut on the right side of my hood. It didn't actually hurt, but I felt intense pressure on my clit. It felt good and I wasn't expecting this at all. My back arched and I .

Oct 14,  · The clitoris: The clitoris is a small piece of tissue that contains many nerve endings. It swells with blood during sexual stimulation. The vestibule: The opening of the vagina, or vestibule. Jan 12,  · If the cut is superficial, you should: Wash the area with warm water once or twice per day. Refrain from using harsh or perfumed soaps, as this can affect the delicate pH balance of your vagina.