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So, the big difference between unweighted and weighted GPA is that the weighted GPA takes course difficulty into account, while the unweighted GPA does not. Ultimately, the weighted GPA is a more accurate representation of an individual student’s ability level and accomplishments. Quickly calculate your cumulative GPA with our easy to use cumulative GPA calculator! Understand the differences between term, semester, year and overall GPA, and how each affects your high school or college career. Enter a current GPA to jump start your calculations, and get tips on how to bring up a mid or low GPA.

Your GPA, or Grade Point Average, is a number that indicates how well or how high you scored in your courses on average. It’s meant to score you (usually on a GPA scale between and ) during your studies and shows whether your overall grades have been high or low. CLVL GPA only includes college-level classes. These are typically numbered and up. (i.e. ENGL) CUM GPA includes all classes, including non-college level classes (i.e. MATH) GPA can be roughly calculated by taking the GPA point for your classes, and dividing it by .

For example, at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, graduates must have a GPA of at least to qualify for summa cum laude, while Michigan’s Law School graduate needs a to. Catch your GPA in time. It is especially important to start focusing on getting good grades from Grade When applying to university you will usually use your marks from Grade 11 but your final marks for Grade 12 can still be a deal breaker! It’s important to start early because your GPA is an average.

Why is it that people think its a good idea to put their major gpa on their resume when the majority of the time it is higher than the cumulative. If you major in finance or economics and your major gpa is , but your cumulative gpa is , doesn't it make you look even worse because it probably means you didn't do as well in classes that don't relate to your major. UC CUM-PSSD—Cumulative UC Units Passed on a letter graded basis. UCD CUM-GPTS—Cumulative Grade points. For more information, see Grade Points. UCD CUM-GPA—Cumulative Grade Point Average earned. For more information, see Calculate Your GPA. REPEATED, EXCLUDED FROM GPA—Repeated units that have been excluded according to DD Reg A(F).