amazing blowjob, she doesnt stop till he cums in her mouth - he moans and cums in her


he moans and cums in her - amazing blowjob, she doesnt stop till he cums in her mouth

He moans as he feels my tongue slide across the base of his shaft. I touch his balls with the tip of my tongue once and then settle into a steady back and forth rhythm. Stan leans back in the sofa and spreads his legs wider. He messes with my soft dark hair. I unhook my . He looks at me. I know he wants to touch my breasts because he looks at them so often. So I lift his hand and put it on my breast before he can do it himself, so he knows I'm the one in charge. It amazes me how childish he becomes with his hand on my breast. "Thank you," he says. "That's nice of you," he whispers. No one else can hear.

I always prefer to have him cum inside me. And your right it just feels natural for a guy to do so. i can usually tell when he cums because he'll tell me and then my thighs get really hot and it feels really warm. And if he orgasms. I can always feel that! i think my boyfriend lasts longer when he stay inside me. He was a regular customer at the salon, where I worked as a receptionist. I was 18 and he was somewhere in his mid’s. He always seemed shy, passing messages to me through his stylist.

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LOL I got up and sat beside him. He then tried to get me to do the job for him and I told him this is as far as I go. I then ask him please cum I am scared your wife is going to come up and catch us. He then told me my wife knows I am up here jacking off. I told her before I left I was going up to watch porn. He groan his sexy, melting groan as he pounded my overly tight passage, deeper with each thrust. “God, sis’ I’m gonna cum-” he called, telling me more than warning me. Just the thought of it sent shivers down my spine, filling my head. “Cum in me- do it! Please!” I groaned into my pillow.