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Nov 20,  · If you graduate Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude, these are special honors worthy of noting on your resume. Including these distinctions on your resume is important because such honors show your work ethic and commitment to excellence, qualities employers are always looking for in . Cum laude (쿰 라우데)는 미국 대학교에서 학사 과정 (B.A./B.S.) 혹은 메디컬 스쿨 의무박사(M.D.), 로스쿨 법무박사(J.D.) 등의 전문대학원 과정 졸업시 학위와 함께 수여하는 라틴어 학위 등급으로, 우등이라는 뜻이다.. Cum Laude는 우등 졸업 (상위 25% 혹은 30%), magna cum laude.

Jul 01,  · Magna cum laude is one of three commonly used academic degree honors used by educational institutions in the United States and many other countries. The . Jul 04,  · Summa cum laude is the highest distinction of three commonly used types of Latin honors recognized in the United States. The other two are called magna cum .

Magna cum laude. To determine eligibility for magna cum laude, grade point averages are recalculated to include grades covered by CR, NC and Haverford Non-Numerical Grades. All students with recalculated grade point averages of or higher are eligible to receive the degree magna cum laude. Summa cum laude. Oct 19,  · Magna meaning "great" adds to the term cum laude and loosely translates to "with great distinction", and summa cum laude can be translated to "with highest distinction". Many colleges and universities award graduates with honors distinction, however, the criteria each school requires students to meet to be awarded Latin honors can differ.

A For Cum Laude I. The Student has obtained a credit weighted average of at least 75% in coursework component of the degree at the first attempt and without recourse to supplementary examination; and II. The degree was completed in the prescribed minimum time plus two semesters. B For Summa cum Laude I. For May degrees, the total number of degrees summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude in field sum to 50 percent of all May degree candidates. The Faculty will recommend for cum laude in field those students with the highest grade point averages who have not already been awarded the degree summa cum laude or magna cum laude.