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Magna cum laude means "with great honor" and is a higher distinction than cum laude. It is generally given to students in the top % of their class and the estimated average GPA would be For some schools, magna cum laude is the highest possible honor. Summa Cum Laude GPA. May 04,  · Magna cum laude and summa cum laude are distinctions awarded to high-achieving students at colleges. Magna cum laude is for students who .

May 21,  · Summa cum laude is a Latin phrase that means “with highest honor,” and is used in academic settings to recognize students who have demonstrated a history of exceptional performance. The honor is almost always dependent of grades and academic record, but it may also include some reflection of extracurricular activities and overall well-roundedness. In Malta, for Bachelor Honours degrees Summa Cum Laude refers to First Class Honours, Magna Cum Laude refers to Second Class Honours (Upper Division), Cum Laude refers to Second Class Honours (Lower Division) whilst Bene Probatus refers to Third Class Honours.

Mar 16,  · Definition: with highest distinction. Both summa cum laude and magna cum laude trended after President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court.. He earned a scholarship to Harvard, where he graduated summa cum laude. —Text of President Obama’s speech,, 16 March Garland received both his undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard, summa cum laude . But basically "magna cum laude" is the go to grade for good students, so hopefully the one most students of an institution receive. To get a "summa cum lauda" a student needs to really show outstanding promising work, winning awards for papers can be an indicator, but is neither a necessary nor a sufficient criteria.

A For Cum Laude I. The Student has obtained a credit weighted average of at least 75% in coursework component of the degree at the first attempt and without recourse to supplementary examination; and II. The degree was completed in the prescribed minimum time plus two semesters. B For Summa cum Laude I. Summa cum laude definition is - with highest distinction. How to use summa cum laude in a sentence. with highest distinction See the full definition. earned summa cum laude distinction with a to grade point average, while 1, were magna cum laude.