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What Can Cause Shooting Pain in Breast? - ePainAssist. Sometimes breast pain is caused by: injuries or sprains to the neck, shoulder or back – these can also be felt as breast pain medicines like the contraceptive pill and some antidepressants – check the side effects in the packet's information leaflet.

A sharp pain in breast can be quite alarming and you may worry a lot if your breast tissue develops a tingling, burning, shooting or stabbing pain. Generally, only one breast would be affected by the sharp pain and the pain does not coincide with your menstrual cycle. Aug 30,  · Tingling, burning, zinging, tender — these are just some of the words my patients use to describe breast pain, a common condition in women of all ages.. By the time they come to see me in my Melrose office, most women have had breast pain for a month or two. They may have seen their primary care doctors and not gotten help for the problem.

Aug 19,  · Sensations of burning, constricting or stabbing-type pain; Loss of feeling or numbness in the area of the surgery; Treatment for breast pain after surgery depends on the type and severity of pain you're experiencing. Treatment options might include. 2 days ago · Burning sensation in breasts is a common symptom experienced by women. There are various factors that can cause breast pain, including infection, clogged milk ducts, benign cysts or cancer. Medical consultation is important for proper treatment.

Dec 15,  · Men may experience pain in their chest tissue at some point, in which case there are a few common reasons. One of the most common causes of male breast pain is gynecomastia, which is inflammation of male breast tissue. Certain medications can also cause this issue, including diuretics, steroids, and drugs taken for sexwifeanal.xyzy, liver damage can also result in pain in the male . Jan 03,  · Symptoms of PMPS The classic symptoms of PMPS are pain and tingling in the chest wall, armpit, and/or arm. Pain may also be felt in the shoulder or surgical scar. Other common complaints include: numbness, shooting or pricking pain, or unbearable itching.