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Problems with breast tenderness can continue on into menopause, which is defined as the point at which you have not had a period for 12 months. Most women—more than two-thirds—will experience . post menopause breast tenderness. Kaiseroni posted: I am almost a year without a period. Now I am having breast tenderness in both breasts. Mammogram is normal. I would keep taking the breast vitamins until the pain resolves; as we discussed, once the pain .

Dec 14,  · Noncyclic breast tenderness can happen at any time of the month and is not related to the menstrual cycle. It can occur in both or only one breast, and it can even affect one particular area of . Breast tenderness can be defined as painful, sore and discomforting breasts during menopause. Often, breast tenderness is accompanied with swelling but the extent of it may vary from woman to woman. It is important to identify the symptoms of breast tenderness during menopause.

Jul 10,  · A common complaint among females, breast pain affects as many as 70% of women at some point in their lives. Only a small portion of these women, about 10%, will experience severe breast pain. Jun 18,  · Breast tenderness can be explained as pain, soreness, or any discomfort in the breasts. It is generally associated with swelling, soreness, aching, or pain that appears in either or both breasts. Some degree of breast tenderness is not unusual during menopause. .

Oct 29,  · It often feels like a sharpness, burning, or soreness in one area (or areas) of the breast instead of a generalized feeling of pain and tenderness. This type of mastalgia is more common after . Sep 27,  · By: Michelle Lee, MD, and Wendi Owen, MD If you have breast pain, you are not alone. Breast pain, also known as mastalgia, is common and accounts for % of breast-related health care visits. The good news is that most causes of breast pain are benign (non-cancerous) and usually related to hormonal changes in your body or something as simple as a poor fitting bra. Breast pain .