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shoulder and below breast pain - Breast in Pain

Jun 19,  · Pain Under Left Breast Armpit and Shoulder Blade Heart assault agony can cause a substantial, awkward, pounding weight or pressing sensation, or it might feel like awful acid reflux. A few people may not encounter any or just gentle chest torment; this is increasingly regular in ladies, more seasoned individuals, and those with diabetes.5/5(5). I had a lot of pain on my left back shoulder, my left armpit, my left breast and also my neck and back for the last 5 months; sometimes I had numbness, tingling on the right hand, and arm. I went to see a doctor who said it is a nerve problem, and gave me some medication for nerves; and also I went for physiotherapy and the problem was over.

The symptoms of a lodged gallstone include pain between your shoulder blades; pain in your right shoulder; intense pain in the upper right portion of your abdomen and equally intense pain right below your breast bone or sternum in the center of your abdomen, according to the Mayo Clinic 1. Felt an excruciatng pain in my left shoulder when trying the exer. for the 1st time.I had the shoulder xrayed and it came back negative. Dr thinks the shoulder pain due to a torn rotator cuff. At the same time that I had the shlder pain, underarm pain got really bad for about a week.

Apr 11,  · Pain under the right breast is rarely a cause for concern and often results from muscles strains or minor injuries. However, it can indicate a more serious condition, such as an infection, chest Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA. Mar 20,  · Shoulder pain; Sickle cell anaemia; Injury to the chest wall; Treatment. In the bulk of cases, it is possible to resolve cyclical breast pain by taking OTC (over the counter) pain relievers and using well-fitted bras. Cyclical breast pain is typically unforeseeable – it may well just go away in time, then return occasionally.

Apr 22,  · The shoulder pain is often a result of the spread of breast, lung, esophageal, and colon cancer. Lung conditions and tumor: Pain under the right shoulder can have minor or severe causes. Oct 22,  · Pain on Right Side Under Breast Bone. The pain on right side under breast bone is an occurrence that happens every so often. While the pain is no cause for concern, if it persists and leads to other symptoms, then it is likely something that needs to be checked. Listed below are the possible causes, and respective treatment for pain felt under.