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Insurance Breast Reduction Even though this procedure is typically an insurance covered case to relieve shoulder and back discomfort, we feel the cosmetic appearance is of equal importance. A lift and reshaping of the breasts at the time of the reduction yields exceptional outcomes. Yes, your daughter probably would qualify for a breast reduction under certain insurance plans. But, insurance plans are like cars. Some are Dodge Metro’s, some are Oldsmobile’s and others are Cadillac’s. Remember, some insurance carriers exclude breast reductions as covered services, especially if the client is less than 18 years of age.

Breast reduction surgery is often covered by medical insurance, but there are some plans that do not cover it. If you are hoping for coverage of your breast reduction by insurance, we ask that you check carefully with your insurance carrier prior to scheduling a consultation. Look, we get it. This might seem like a tall task just to find out if breast reduction is covered by insurance. But the most important thing is this — have the surgery done that is right for you! If large breasts are weighing you down, causing back, neck and shoulder pain, then a breast reduction procedure may help. Our all-female team of professionals at Tannan Plastic Surgery are here for you.

Though breast reduction can be done for cosmetic reasons, in most cases women seek breast reductions for relief from health issues caused by excessively large breasts, such as shoulder and back pain. If you are considering breast reduction, you should understand that your insurance . A plastic surgeon who performs breast reduction surgery on a regular basis will work diligently with you to get your insurance company to cover the procedure. As long as your insurance company receives all of the medical necessity and pre operative information .

Mar 09,  · Blog What Makes Breast Reduction Medically Necessary? Posted March 09, in Breast Enhancement, Breast Reduction, Chronic Pain, Insurance Options, Shoulder Grooves. Breast reduction is unique among plastic surgery procedures because it is one of the few treatments that can be considered “medically necessary.” Many insurance companies will offer coverage if breast reduction . The insurance provider may cover breast reduction surgery up to a certain limit of expenditure. With some effort, even if partial coverage of surgical costs is achieved, it can prove to be a big support for a patient. Financing options may also be available from the surgeon’s office or through third parties to make it more financially.